Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LID!! Yippee!

What in the heck is an LID, and why are we so gosh darned excited about it? This is the date that our paperwork was logged in to China's system, and it is the date that we will begin counting from to try to estimate when we will get TA (or Travel Approval). Our Log In Date was July 22!! So, we are already about a third of the way there!!

Now, just when you thought you got a handle on all the adoption acronyms - we will get our LoA (Letter of Acceptance) about three weeks before we receive TA. So, once we get our LoA, we'll know that TA is just around the corner. Once we get TA, we will have to wait to hear when our CA (Consulate Appointment) is before we can book our flights. I know it's alot ... and I haven't even mentioned the LOI or the PA. Oh, and don't forget DTC!

In celebration of getting our LID, I thought I'd post some updated photos of Jenna!