Wednesday, January 2, 2008

PA Today!!

Today we received a call from the adoption agency to let us know that we received our PA today. What is PA? If you have ever gone through a Chinese adoption, you will recognize this as the PreApproval letter that states that China has both received and given approval to our request to pursue this adoption. It also means that we may now share this site with our friends and family!

Today was also filled with what my kids called "Operation Get Jack" stuff. We had a social worker visit; we went to the doctor's office to pick up test results (my adoption physical); we mailed a packet of information to the adoption agency; we mailed reference letter forms to friends; I made phone calls to police stations about background checks; and I had extra passport photos made for our dossier. Whew! But, I think God has a funny way of showing us He's there through it all. One can easily get discouraged trying to jump through so many hoops and trying to keep track of just exactly whose hoops are whose, believe me. So, in the midst of all the "paper chasing" today, I'm standing in the doctor's office waiting to receive the documents I need, thinking about all of the work that's involved, when I hear a song playing. Funny, I had never noticed music before at the doctor's office. "Life is a Highway" was playing. May not sound like much, but if you have been one of the fortunate people to view my husband's very creative rendition of our travel video of getting Jenna, you'll hear it playing at the end. Made me smile. God IS in the little details of our lives. I hope that makes you smile, too.

The next step is to finish our home study, which I am told from our social worker, is well on its way. Then, we finish our dossier with the help of our dossier consultant, get things translated, get our approval from Immigration and we're waiting to travel. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Ha Ha

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Bethany O'Connor said...

The website looks awesome, its so great to hear your hearts and this exciting journey of life that your family is on!! Hooray for PA too!!!!!!!!!!!