Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cars, Trucks, and Buses - Oh, My!

We received our official Travel Packet today - not Travel Approval (TA), mind you. It contained all of the original photos of Jack, the original Chinese paperwork, including medical paperwork, additional paperwork for us to complete, and a copy of our dossier. Seeing the complete dossier was very gratifying, I must say. Here is the final product of all of our paper chasing!!!

We also discovered that Jack loves cars, trucks, and buses. When he would see them when he was a little younger, he would clap enthusiastically. I imagine that when I see him for the first time, I'll have a box of animal crackers in one hand and a toy car in the other - a sort of "Hey, I'm really a nice lady once you get to know me" kind of offering. :0) Oh, and his favorite color is blue - just like his dad!

Included in our paperwork were a couple of pictures we hadn't seen of a much younger Jack - approximately 2 years old. We had a fit when we saw them - they are so darned cute! They didn't scan well, but at least you can see him, in what looks like a fit of giggles. Oh, how we wish we could turn back the clock and have the chance to know him sooner. Sometimes it's difficult to understand why God would have this child grow and have time to bond with his caregivers in an orphanage, only to be taken away by these funny-looking strangers. But God's plan is perfect ... kind of like an exquisite Monet painting. Up close, all you can distinguish are blobs of various colors, with no real form. But when you step back and look at the entire picture, the Artist's individual strokes suddenly make sense and we see a complete picture that leaves us in awe.


Teagues said...

What great pictures!! Hudson loves trucks and cars too. On gotcha night we handed him a stuffed animal which he pushed away, then set a car in front of him and a HUGE smile...he wouldn't part with it. They are still his favorite things (along with playing cooking).
It is hard to understand why so much time has gone by but he is getting an awesome family! We can't wait to see The Artists picture complete!

Bob R said...

Love the pictures of little Jack. Wonder what he was laughing about in one of the pictures... whatever it was it is clear he thought it was very, very funny...hilarious. I share in your excitement of having Jack with you all soon...
What a treat that will be for all!


Bob R

teri said...

Jack is such a cute little guy. They must have played a lot of cars over there since Andy likes them also and although he can not talk he makes "boy" car noises. I believe in Gods plan for us and pray that his plan includes you meeting up with Jack soon. He will have so much love in his life to feel his heart.

Teri Prichard

Jenn said...

What great pics of Jack. We anxiously await your TA so you can bring him home and reunite him with Jenna. It is so cool to see him in so many pictures from other families. He seems like quite a popular little fellow. Abby Grace must recognize him because she points to him in pictures and mumbles something:)

Bob R said...

Terrific news! Excited for you all! Can't wait to see Jack and all of you enjoying family life in Georgia! What a great blessing for Jack to be joining the Bradfield family... and for the Bradfields to have Jack!!

Praying for safe travels!