Monday, July 7, 2008

An Earthquake in China

As many of you know, China was hit with an earthquake on May 12. I remember getting up and checking the news on the internet that morning and reading of the quake. Upon seeing the news, I immediately checked maps, e-mailed other friends who are also adopting from China, and scanned an innumerable amount of news articles looking for any mention of Pingliang. The map gave me some comfort, but not much. Pingliang was not in the same province that was hit, but was above the epicenter by a few hundred miles. Considering that it was felt as far away as Beijing, I knew that Pingliang had felt something ... but what? I finally found a news article that stated about 20 people died and the area received some damage, but not nearly as much as the epicenter.

In the days that followed, those of us who belong to a Pingliang internet group shared any information that we could find - all wondering what was happening at the orphanage. Finally someone contacted a relief/charity organization with a donation. The person representing that organization personally made the trip to the orphanage to see how they were doing and what they needed ... and she came back with pictures!! Aah, our first chance to actually see that Jack was O.K. What a blessing!

The images that you see are post-earthquake and show that they are living in tents during the night, but are able of using their buildings during the day. Their building sustained some cracks and they were waiting the arrival of a government organization who is checking the damage and reporting it and probably determining if the structure is sound. We heard, also, that they were in need of blankets as it was cold at night and they had even endured hail in their tents. Seeing Jack's smiling face made all the difference!

We got these pictures the day of our Immigration fingerprint appointment. God knows me well and has seen to it that I get some kind of update or photo of Jack whenever we are going through some red tape experience! This confirmation has kept me going and has reminded me of God's plan for us.

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