Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At Home

I thought you might like to hear a little update on Jack and the rest of us. Jack has settled in quite nicely. He's so full of joy and affection that he amazes us. He has grasped the words, "I love you," and uses them in the correct context. He is stringing words together to make baby sentences like, "Mama drive van. Go home." He is learning the letters to his name, his colors, and can already count objects to 10. And, boy, does he have a sense of humor! He likes to purposely give me the wrong answers to questions, but his face gives him away each time. He can't help but crack a goofy smile at me. He is learning that he can eat until he is full, and that candy does not really count as a food. ;0) Now, if Jenna would just understand this! He sings his heart out to the all-time Barney classic, "I love you, you love me ..." and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." He really dislikes cheese ... even macaroni and cheese. Go figure.

Jenna is getting used to having another brother, as long as he doesn't touch her stuff! The two of them are very territorial about their belongings. I wonder if it is because of the environment that they came from, or simply because of their age. Maybe both? Jenna likes the role of instructor - instructor of English, instructor of puzzles, instructor of Legos, instructor of ... I think you get the picture. But, Jack is quick to call Jenna to task if she steps out of line. He wags his finger at her while calling her name. She loves that, of course (typed in the font of sarcasm).

Sam is enjoying being the big brother to a brother, and finally getting his wish of getting bunk beds. I think that sleeping in the top bunk will cure him of sleepwalking, don't you? And Lane, who is now affectionately called "Nina" by Jack, is wrapped around this little boy's finger. He is just about the only one who can get a smile out of her in the morning (she's not a morning person-comes with adolescence, I think).

I'm posting a couple pictures taken since we have been home. But before I go, I wanted to leave you with one of those stories that makes you say, "Aww." Jenna fell and hurt herself. Jack, who was busy at the table cutting confetti, dropped everything when he heard her cry. He ran into the bathroom to get her a tissue and proceeded to wipe her tears. He was saying what sounded like comforting words (in Chinese) while stroking her cheeks. Then, he gave her a kiss. O.K., now you can say, "Aww" because we all did!


Mrs. Hewett said...

Thank you for sharing an update about Jack. We have been praying for his transition into your family to go smoothly. It sounds like he is off to a good start. I love the "Awww" story at the end - so sweet!

teri said...

We are so glad Jack and your family are doing well. Your "awww" story brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing boy!

Love The Prichards

Sharon said...

So great to hear Jack is doing well. His personality sounds so much like Hudson's. We are continually amazed at what an incredibly funny kid he is, even at 3. He is also SOOOOO caring. Those Pingliang kids are amazing!!!

Clay Callaway said...

we enjoy having Jack and Jenna in CHildren's Church! We rejoice with your family that the LOrd had his plan for these lovely children to be your children!! We look forward to the years ahead as we see God continue to shape and mold ALL our Covenant children into the Image of Jesus

Susan said...

I was so glad to see an update! I check regularly as we have been praying for a good transition for Jack into your family. I love that picture of him...what a cutie!

ChinaDoll78 said...

A friend stumbled across your blog when looking for info. about PL. I actually live in PL and knew Jack while he was at the orphanage. He was always smiling and laughing and was truly, one of my favorites. I was so excited to hear that he was adopted this summer! I just knew that whoever got such a precious little boy would be blessed. I'd love to keep in touch with you so that I can update the people at the orphanage on his progress. My email address is Blessings.