Friday, March 13, 2009

One Surgery Down ...

Jack had the first of his corrective surgeries for hypospadia repair in February and came through like a trooper! We were sent home with heavy-duty pain meds, but he only needed two doses of regular Tylenol. He was so ready to go home (we had to spend the night) and would ask the nurse each time she came in, "All done?" We're really pleased with the doctor, too. Jack's next surgery is tentatively scheduled for August.

His English is snowballing - he's using sentences. We can understand him, but I can tell that sometimes those outside our family have a harder time interpreting what he is trying to say - much like a toddler's speech. We've learned alot about his personality: he wants to please; he has a mischeivous side; he does NOT want to get in trouble to such a degree that he will quickly point to the person nearest him (which is usually an indignant Jenna); he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play outside; he goes totally nuts over candy, and tries to convince me that candy will "make Jack big and strong"; he is very territorial about his food and can eat quite a bit for someone so small; and, sadly, he does a little hoarding. I've found stashes in a couple of places in his room. Surprisingly, he does not hoard food, but his belongings that he does not want anyone to touch or take. But what we can plainly see above all else is his love for life - he wants to participate and try everything with such enthusiasm.

We truly feel as if we have twins, having Jack and Jenna together. They color together, dig in the dirt together, and sometimes ask to sleep together. Jenna is enjoying the role of "big" sister, even though she is really the little sister. She just has the advantage of knowing the ropes. She has started asking some questions about her background, her birth mother, and the adoption. I try to answer, giving only just what is needed to satisfy her, but the topic just seems to make her feel anxious and insecure. I just emphasize what we have told her before in that God put her in our hearts and we searched for her the world over until God brought us together. She loves that.

Jack was baptized last month at our church, and I wondered just how much he understood - not much I'm sure. We've read Bible stories and Jenna has taught him some songs from church. I've talked to him about our Father in heaven, and he nods as if he understands. I know that it is just a matter of time. But I got a surprise when Jack asked to say the blessing this week (we sing one from the preschool that Jenna had attended). We all looked at each other with raised eyebrows. He began, "God, our Father. God, our Father, once again ..." and he finished with some mumbled phrases that left us all smiling. I can just imagine that God was smiling, too.


Clay Callaway said...

what a tremendous blessing to be able to watch Jack AND Jenna grow ! Thank you for sharing this blog with the Carriage Lane Family! Jenna is a great blessing to have in Children's Church and we look forward to having Jack! We rejoice with yall as the Lord is doing a mighty work in your family!

teri said...

It is so fun to catch up on Jack and your family. He reminds me of our Andy. He too hoards his toys and food tends to be an issue also. He like Jack loves to be outside and is just a ham. I love to think of these boys together. There are so many pictures of them together. May God bless your family. How sweet it is!

Jenn said...

So glad to see an update on your little fella. He is such a cutie. We have several pics of him with Abby Grace in China. They are the same one's that Sharon talked about months ago. Did you get copies of them from her? If not let me know and I'll get them to you.
Hope he continues to adjust well:)