Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boys, Sinuses, and a Cord

Not too much to report today ... the boys are bonding pretty well, wrestling, laughing, playing cars and play dough. Dan has been in the bed since yesterday afternoon with a bad sinus headache - hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in soon because we are running out of decongestant!!! We tried airing out the room today, figuring the smog might be better than germs. ;0)

And the elusive camera cord. Steed insisted that we not buy one because he has several and we can have one. He did remember to bring it this a.m. Unfortunately, it does not work with our camera. sigh. I want to get those pictures downloaded probably as much as you want to see them!! Maybe tomorrow ...


Jen Thompson said...

Praying that God would give you all relief from your sickness. Poor Dan! I guess you are about half way through your trip now. Rach got an email from Lane and she sounded upbeat. Our I-797 should be in Houston today and who knows- maybe even be back before Christmas. We continue to Praise God for his goodness as we follow your trip.

Susan said...

We adopted from Pingliang last September. We are following along & praying for health & safety for you all. Can't wait to see those pics!


Angi said...

Dan, Thank you so much for sending me your blog link. Adoption is near and dear to me as our son is adopted - not from a foreign country - but the joy felt in having a special child is still the same. When we meet in January I will fill you in our our story. Hope you are feeling better today.
Praise God for his goodness! What a wonderful Christmas gift.
Angi Jerguson