Sunday, December 14, 2008

You've Seen the Video - Now Here's the Story

Jack was already at the hotel when we arrived - just as the case with Jenna. He seemed a little overwhelmed at all of the attention, as you would expect. He turned 5 the beginning of December, so he has some knowledge about what is happening ... enough to make the whole event somewhat frightening. To make things easier, Mrs. Yang and the nanny came up to the room with us, which gave us an opportunity to share photos of Jenna and other Pingliang children, videos of Jenna's progress, and pictures that Jenna made for them. They really appreciated getting all of the updates of the children and were quite happy that we Pingliang families keep in touch with one another.

Meanwhile, Sam was trying to coax Jack into playing cars and ball with him. Jack did play and even smiled, but when he saw Mrs. Yang getting her purse, the tears began. It was a little difficult, understandably, for both Jack and Mrs. Yang, who was tearful, too. We had to walk a few blocks for Jack's passport photo, so Mrs. Yang and the nanny walked down with us. But, when Jack, Sam and I walked through the rotating hotel lobby doors, they did not follow. Jack kept looking back, but was soon overcome with all of the sights and sounds of a bustling city. After the passport photo, our guide took us to a store to pick up supplies. Our guide and Sam were both holding Jack's hands at this point, and surprisingly, Jack kept looking back. Except this time, he was looking for me.

Once we got back to the hotel room, he got a little fearful again and cried, but he did not resist me picking him up and comforting him. We were even able to get a few smiles out of him. His first English word to us was "Sammy," which pleased his brother very much! Sam is SO proud of his little brother and has already begun watching over him.

I was dreading bedtime, thinking that he might really miss the familiar. However, that was not the case. Both Sam and Dan fell asleep early and Jack had gotten into his bed and quietly watched me as I walked around the room. When I got into the bed next to his, I put my hand over the side. A few seconds later, I feel a little hand clasp mine. I peeked over to see his eyes finally close.

Today, we have begun to see a little personality! He's talking to us. Of course, we can't understand most of what he is saying. He made friends with his "Baba" today (that's Daddy), and even held his hand. He said, "Car, Baba!" to the astonishment of us all this a.m. And he got to see his sisters on the phone (Skype w/camera). What many people have wondered was if he remembered his old friend. When he saw her on the computer, he said, "Wan Jin" - that's our Jenna.

So, now we wait on his passport to be completed and will leave Lanzhou on Friday to go to Guangzhou, our last stop before home.

We cannot find the cord to connect the camera to the computer, but our guide is helping us with that. We hope to be posting some pictures soon. I am feeling better (maybe because I started antibiotics?). Unfortunately, Dan is now feeling under the weather. Hopefully, everyone will feel good by the time we reach Guangzhou. Thanks for all your prayers - they were definitely felt! Love you, Girls!! Talk to you soon!


DiJo said...

What a blessing and encouragement to read your post this morning. I found your blog from Sharon's! I can't even imagine what it will be like when he sees his precious friend when you arrive home!


Diana (Ruby Mei - Nanchang 5/7/08)

Jen Thompson said...

We are looking forward to more photos if you all can find the cord! Thanks for the story - it was precious!!! Our hearts are with you.
Good news here in Georgia - I-797 was found in the mail today! What a Christmas Present!!!! PTL.
Jen and Rach