Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Post from U.S.A.

We're off in the morning for China! We're still in a state of disbelief that this is happening, even though we've been working towards this and planning for a little over a year now. Sam is excited and nervous. Our girls are safe with their MorMor (Norwegian for grandmother). Our bags are practically packed. Paperwork has been checked and double checked both by me and my husband.

Please pray for safe travel for our daughters as they stay with family and safe travel for us as we make the numerous flights throughout China and back home. Please lift up Jack to help him cope with what is about to happen to him.
See you in China!

Dan ADDS: Well as one may have predicted, I cannot sleep - so I thought I would add to this post. We are ready to head out on this new adventure. Michele has added a bit of drama to begin the trip. Monday evening, she knocked a table, which sent a mini-speaker crashing onto her 2nd toe on her right foot. It has swelled a great deal, though the pain is not so bad. Last evening she was hobbling a bit - thus, is quite prepared to dash through the airport, climb the Great Wall and tour the Forbidden City. In an attempt to ease her pain, I sprang for 1st class upgrades on the Atl to DC leg of the journey. For those who know me - and the long tradition of, shall we say, "thriftiness" of the men in my family, this is quite a big deal for me :-).
Thanks to everyone for the great support, kind words and heartfelt prayers. China 2.0 here we come!
Lane and Jenna, we will miss you and be thinking of you the entire trip.


teri said...

We are thinking of you and all that is about to happen. We pray for Jack as he leaves his home to be with his forever family.

The Prichards

Sharon said...

Can't wait to hear from you from China!!!

Jenn said...

I cannot wait to check in daily for updates. I am looking forward to seeing Jack in your arms. We'll be praying for your family both old and new.